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  • --- Quote the words from the Official

    After the postponement of 2020 and the special Fuji Rock Festival of 2021, this year we will take on the challenge of a new phase with you, aiming for the usual Fuji Rock Festival.

    The new Corona Virus infection is not yet in a situation where it can be expected to converge, but all the staff members "music, nature, and corona" in order to regain "usual Fuji Rock" after taking infection control measures according to the infection situation. With the theme of "coexistence with the world," we will devise ingenuity to create an environment where people can spend their time safely, safely and comfortably.

    We would like to ask all of you for your cooperation, but we look forward to working with you in July to create a space where you can enjoy experiencing music in the land of Naeba, which is blessed with nature. increase.
  • Check-in procedure during Fuji Rock

    Check-in 17:00 to midnight 3:00
    Check Out    ~ 12: 00
    Fuji Rock Venue Festival is over is okay.Please be aware of the procedure in advance as it will be very crowded when you come by shuttle bus.
    1. If your feet are dirty with mud, etc., wash them off with the water services or brush provided in front of the entrance before entering the building.
    2. Be sure to wear a mask, disinfect your hands, and measure the temperature with a thermal camera.
    3. Enter your name and body temperature at the counter in front of the body temperature displayed on the camera.
    4. Please bring the completed card and line up at the front counter at intervals only for the representative of the accommodation.
    5. Please make sure that the accommodation ledger prepared in advance is correct, sign it, and receive the room key.
    6. We offer one yukata to all customers.Please adjust the size with the try-on yukata at the back of the shop and take the yukata.
    7. The elevator has a capacity of 5 people to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Yukata service

    We offer one yukata to all guests during the Fuji Rock Festival.(Only one outfit for consecutive stays)
    There are large, medium, and small sizes, so please adjust the size with a try-on yukata so that there is no replacement due to different sizes.
    Don't forget to bring your obi.

    You can return it in your room.
  • Shuttle bus/Breakfast time reservation information

    【Shuttle bus information】
    Naeba (Fuji Rock Venue) Echigo-Yuzawa Station --Hotel shuttle bus will be operated.
    Advance reservations are required and can only be used by hotel guests.
    *Yuzawa Station --Transportation between hotels also requires a reservation.Please note that flights without reservations will not operate.

    I'm sure some of you will arrive at Yuzawa Station
    It is also possible to store your luggage without checking in at the hotel.Please make a reservation at the time of the operation timetable and tell us that you can only store your luggage.We will take it by bus and transport it to the hotel.

    Please make a reservation by clicking the link below.
  • "Shuttle Bus Stop Information" at Echigo-Yuzawa Station

    JR East "Echigo-Yuzawa Station", there is a souvenir shop called "Gangi Dori" and Yuzawa", and "West Exit" is on your left.
    Go to the right and head towards the "East Exit Rotary".
    *Please note that there is a coin locker at this time, but it will be locked at 24:00 and will not be available until the next day.

    When you arrive at the east exit, you will see the "Official Shuttle Bus" on your left for a fee of ¥ 1,000-(Free return)
    Beyond the roundabout on your right, there is a hotel shuttle bus stop behind the building containing "Uomin".(Free for guests)

    Please click the link below for platform information.
  • Please wait at the "Shirakabaguchi Bus Stop" for the hotel shuttle bus from the vicinity of the Naeba Fuji Rock Venue

    The shuttle bus departs on time.
    Please be sure to tell the crew the name of the accommodation representative when boarding.
    Please wait at the designated place with plenty of time so that you do not miss your flight.
    If you are booking a hotel shuttle bus return trip, please wait at the "Shirakabaguchi Bus Stop" near the Naeba Fuji Rock Venue
    Please be careful not to inconvenience the general public as it is a fixed-route bus stop.
  • Information for those arriving by car

    Parking is free and is on the slopes (plateau) side of the hotel.
    If the car is full, we will guide you to the second parking lot.<Available for 24 hours>

    Open Hours
    ・Check-out date 24:00 from 8:00 AM on the day of accommodation
    *Please be sure to ask the front desk for use before check-in / after chuck-out.

    【FUJIROCK FESTIVAL ACCESS】Directions by car (Yuzawa IC - Naeba) Full version Click here for a complete capture version that shows the actual time required ⇓
  • 【Breakfast information】SOLEIL(Second floor)

    【Advance reservation for breakfast time】

    Continental breakfast
    Hotel Alpha Star Iwappara offers free breakfast for guests staying during the Fuji Rock Festival, but advance reservations are required for the hours of use.
    *As part of measures to prevent the spread of infection, meal times are divided into 1 hour and reservations are required for each time, so please be sure to wear a mask when entering the store.

    【For Fuji Rock only】Continental Breakfast Hours A 8:00 to 9:00
    【For Fuji Rock only】Continental Breakfast Hours B 9:00 to 10:00

    Please make a reservation by clicking the link below.
  • Precautions regarding the festival
    In holding FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '22, we will take measures to prevent infection with the new Corona Virus in order to ensure the safety of all people involved in Fuji Rock.
    However, alcohol will be sold at the venue this time!

    Before purchasing a ticket, please read and understand the "Guidelines for Preventing Corona Virus Infection at the Event" along with the precautions.

    Please understand that the guidelines and precautions may be changed regardless of the time and method of notification if the secretariat deems it necessary for operation.

    No refunds will be given after purchasing the ticket.
  • Items prohibited from being brought into the venue

    ■Assembled outdoor chair
    Many people carry it without folding it, and it is very dangerous to hit other visitors.Even if it is a foldable type, it is prohibited to carry it without folding it because it causes harm to the surroundings.
    It is prohibited to use in all areas including the camp site.The visibility is poor and the protrusions are very dangerous.
    It is also dangerous to be blown away by the wind in bad weather.
    Sheets that occupy a lot of space, installation objects, installation objects that block the view, etc.
    《Target object》
    Blue tarpaulins and other rugs that require space that does not match the number of users
    Tarps, parasols, sunshades, tents (excluding campsites) and other installations that block visibility
    In addition to being a factor that causes congestion, it is often left unattended because it is difficult to carry, resulting in garbage, which is a nuisance to other visitors.(We do not allow you to occupy space in the venue.)
    ■Garbage such as seats, chairs, tents, camping equipment that you do not bring back
    ■Recording equipment
    ■Bottles and cans(It is not possible to bring it in a cooler box)
    ■Alcoholic beverage
    ■Explosives such as fireworks
    In addition, animals (general pets), items prohibited by law, and general dangerous goods are prohibited.Please understand that if you bring it in, you will be asked to take it out of the venue.
    In addition, those who do not follow the instructions of the staff will be asked to leave.Tickets will not be refunded at that time.
  • The "Director's Chair" that can be rented at this facility is foldable.

    There are prohibitions at the venue, and it is dangerous to carry chairs in the crowd.
    Only the foldable type is OK.

    The aluminum stanchions make it very light and portable.
    It also comes with a drink holder, making it the perfect item for long-term viewing!

    The rental period can start from 1 day.Please assume that you need to make a reservation in advance and there is no stock on the day.
  • Precautions for visiting
    Those who fall under the following are not allowed to enter.
    Those who have fever (37.5 ° C or higher) within 5 days before the visit and at home on the day of the visit
    Those who are not in good physical condition on the day of the performance(Cough, dyspnea, strong malaise, sore throat, nasal congestion / nasal congestion, taste / smell disorders, diarrhea, vomiting / vomiting, etc.)
    Those who have had entry restrictions from the government within the past 14 days, travel to countries / regions that require an observation period after entry, and close contact with residents of the relevant country / region.
    Those who have received a positive test for new Corona Virus infection, those who have received instructions to wait at home
    Those who have close contact with those who have been found to be positive for Corona Virus infection within the past 14 days
    Those who are suspected of being infected with a family member living together or a close acquaintance within the past 14 days
    Personal information will be required to be registered at the time of ticket purchase and for visitors using the Fuji Rock app.
    The registered personal information will be managed appropriately for the purpose of tracking the infection route in the unlikely event that a positively infected person occurs and submitting it to a public institution such as a public health center.
    If you refuse to register your personal information, we will refuse admission.
    We will inform you about the details of the app again.
    Please use the Niigata Prefecture New Corona Notification System (LINE).
    Please read the QR code posted at the venue on the day and register for use.
    What is "Niigata Prefecture New Corona Notification System"?

    In the unlikely event that an infection is found to those who have used the facility, etc., and there is a high risk of infection to unspecified people, Niigata Prefecture is for people who used the same facility, etc. on the same date and time. Will send you a LINE message to alert you.
    Please pre-register for the new Corona Virus Contact Confirmation App (COCOA).

  • Countermeasure rules at the time of visit and in the venue
    Wearing a mask is mandatory.
    Please wear a mask at all times in the venue.We recommend a non-woven mask.
    If you do not wear a mask, you will be refused admission.Please bring your own mask.
    We will measure the temperature.
    We will measure the temperature at the time of admission.(Please cooperate with the implementation every time you enter, such as when re-entering)
    We will measure the temperature when you board the shuttle bus that runs between the station or the off-site parking lot and the venue.
    As a result of temperature measurement, if a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher is confirmed, or if the temperature measurement is refused, admission / visit (boarding) will be refused.
    Please wash your hands diligently, disinfect your fingers, and thoroughly cough etiquette.
    We will install disinfectants in various places in the hall.In addition, please prepare your own disinfectant solution and cooperate with diligent hand washing and disinfection.
    Please ensure sufficient space between customers when entering and exiting the venue and inside the venue.
    Please ensure sufficient space between people when watching live concerts or eating and drinking.
    In situations where a waiting line is required (entrance / exit, waiting for the toilet, etc.) or when the risk of infection increases, the staff may speak to you.
    Please refrain from loud vocalizations, conversations, and contact between visitors in the hall.
    Please refrain from unnecessary vocalizations and conversations, including cheers during live performances.
    Please refrain from touching such as high five.
    Please be sure to wear a mask when you have a conversation.
    Please cooperate in thorough etiquette when eating and drinking.
    Bringing in alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
    Please do not take off your mask when eating or drinking.Please be sure to wear a mask when you have a conversation.
    E-commerce can be used at each restaurant and goods section.
    Smoking is prohibited in the hall except for smoking areas.
    Please refrain from talking in the smoking area and refrain from staying for a long time.
    In order to avoid congestion, we may ask you to move due to stage admission restrictions or decentralization.
    Entrance and exit will be restricted according to the situation of each stage.
    There may be restrictions when entering and exiting, when moving between areas within the venue, and to avoid congestion in various places.
    From the viewpoint of infection prevention and danger prevention, the staff may speak to you.Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions inside and outside the venue.If you do not follow the instructions, you may be asked to leave.
    Please refrain from giving or giving gifts to the performers.
    Please return immediately after the end.Also, please refrain from dinners, meetings, and exchanges with a large number of people after your visit.
    Tickets cannot be refunded even if you refuse admission or leave.
    Thank you for your cooperation in physical condition management and infection control before coming to the venue.