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  • About GoTo Travel Campaign

  • GoTo Travel Campaign【Consider when to resume】

    Based on the idea of making it in time for January of the new year with the announcement in November

    UP discount rate using vaccine / test package
    Digitization of coupons, etc.
    Support measures to reach small and medium-sized accommodations

    Consideration has begun to include such things.However, although the state of emergency was lifted on September 30, it will take some time to resume, based on the fact that the infection status will drop to stage 2, and the next wave may come in the meantime. ..So far, the "prefectural discount" (support for regional tourism business) sponsored by each local government has resumed and covers until the end of the year.

     【What to do if it is restarted】
     If the contents of the current reservation are resumed, the additional campaign will be applied.

  • To apply the GoTo Travel Campaign, you need to register with a third party.
    How to apply the discount via the Official website of the accommodation facility
    Official reservations acquired via the Official website, it is necessary to separately process the discount application on STAY NAVI.If you have any trouble, we will register as a proxy at the hotel, so please feel free to ask.
    Just make a reservation on the Official website of the hotel and you will not get the discount.
    Target accommodation period:From Wednesday, July 22, 2020 to Sunday, January 31, 2021 (until check-out for Monday, February 1)
    1. In the Official website of accommodation, please reserve a plan to Go To Travel campaign target of the accommodation plan
    2. To receive the discount, you need to register for the discount.
    →Register for a discount with STAYNAVI
    3. On the day
    Please present your booking confirmation number and ID.All guests are required to verify their identity, so please be prepared in advance.
    Please present your coupon number to the front desk on the day.
  • Precautions when using the GoTo Travel Campaign

    The following items must be confirmed for accommodations that are eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign benefits.Please check before departure and be careful while observing the etiquette and etiquette to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.
    ・If you are not feeling well or have a fever before departure on the day, please consider canceling the trip.
     If fever is confirmed by the temperature measurement at the time of admission, you will be examined at the nearest hospital.

    ・If fever is confirmed during your stay, please spend as much as possible in your room and avoid using common areas.
     Please take it.Meals are served in the room.

    ・The identity of all guests must be verified at check-in.
     My number card, driver's license, driving history certificate, passport, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, documents certifying that you have national qualifications such as a maritime license, various welfare notebooks such as disability certificate, sailor's notebook, war injury Only one point is required to confirm the person's notebook, government official identification card, etc.
     However, if you do not have the above documents, of the documents ① and ② listed below, two ① or one ①
    If you combine one and ②, you can present it as a document that allows you to confirm your name.
     ① Health insurance card,Long-term care insurance card,pension book,Pension certificate, etc.
     ② Student ID, company ID, qualification certificate issued by a public institution, etc.
     *If you are a child under junior high school and do not have the above documents
     You can substitute your health insurance card and legal representative's identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, etc.)
    Please prepare in advance and bring it with you.

    ・If you wish to have your company name on your receipt, etc.
     Since it is considered to be a business trip that bears the travel fee in the company,
     In view of the purpose of this project, it cannot be issued because it is not covered by the support.
     If you absolutely want a receipt with the company name, we will ask you to pay the accommodation price before discount, issue a receipt with the same amount of company name, and return the unused regional common coupon. Please understand.

    ・Regional coupons can be used throughout the property except for accommodation.Please search the available stores in the vicinity with the QR code described in the room information.
    At "Alpha Rental Sports," "Restaurant SOLEIL, " and "Shop" in Hotel ALPHASTAR Iwappara, you can use both paper coupons and electronic coupons, which are common regional coupons.
  • The types of coupons (paper and electronic) that can be used differ depending on the store that handles them.Please check on each facility details page before using.
  • At Hotel ALPHASTAR Iwappara, you can use "Regional Common Coupons" at shops, alpha rental sports, lift coupons, restaurants, table tennis courts, day trip hot springs, etc.
    ☑ Paper coupon
    ☑ Electronic coupon

    Guests staying at the front desk at the time of payment
    Please tell us that you are using a regional coupon.

    --Precautions for use--
    ・It can be used for everything except accommodation expenses (including hot spring tax).
    ・"Niigata Prefecture" must be included in the area of use.
    ・Must be within the expiration date.《Check-in date-Check-out date》
    ・The stub must not be torn off by the cutting line.
    ・It is not a copied coupon.
     If you make a color copy due to a special effect, a watermark will be added as "COPY".