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Hot Springs

Iwappara Tourist Onsen"Iwappara-no-yu"

Because it is a soft and comfortable hot spring, it is safe for small children.
Warm from the core of the body.
  • Natural Hot Springs『Iwappara-no-yu]

    【Hot Spring Qualities】Alkaline simple hot spring(Alkaline hypotonic hot spring)

    【Spring temperature】Source Use position 42 degrees

    【Efficacy】Iwappara-no-yu is said to be good for relieving muscle pain and fatigue.
    It relaxes muscles used in leisure and sports such as skiing and tennis.
    It will heal your body tired from long trips and sightseeing.

    【Indication for bath】muscle pain/Neuralgia/Joint pain/Fifty shoulders/Motor paralysis/Joint stiffness/Uchimi/Sprain
    Chronic digestive disease/Hemorrhoids/Coldness/Recovery period after disease/Recovery from fatigue/Health Promotion
    【Number of bathhouses][Indoor bath]Man:One woman:1

    【Hot spring tax】
    Adult 150 yen extra

    One-day hot spring bathing

    Hot spring bath hours
    9:00 to 18:00 Please contact us for working days.
    Hot spring bathing category
    Men's bath/Women's bath
    Hot spring qualities
    Weakly alkaline Colorless and transparent
    Moderate temperature is very comfortable
    You just take a long bath.
    Please contact us by phone before visiting.
    Usage fee
    One-day hot spring usage fee "Bath towel / face towel included" Adult:800 yen/Children(Elementary school students and below):500 JPY  
  • Sightseeing spots and outdoor hot springs in Echigo-Yuzawa

    A sightseeing spot where you can feel the deep history of Echigo-Yuzawa
    Introducing a large number of outdoor hot springs.
    It can be said that the real pleasure of traveling is to visit the hot springs while enjoying various locations.

    Introducing sightseeing spots and many outdoor hot springs

Table of ingredients(Amount contained in 1 kilogram of main water)

Cation component

【Potassium ion】:1.4 mg/0.04 mbar/2.04 mbar%
【Sodium ion】:25.4 mg/1.10 millival/56.12 mbar%
【Magnesium ion】:0.2 mg/0.02 millival/1.02 mbar%
【iron(II) Ion】:0.3 mg/0.01 millival/0.51 mbar%
【Total】:43.2 mg/1.96 millival/100.00 mbar%

Anion component

【Fluorine ion】:1.1 mg/0.06 mbar/3.12 mbar%
【Chloride ion】:3.8 mg/0.1 mbar 1 / 5.71 mbar%
【Carbonate ion】:3.0 mg/0.1 millival/5.19 mbar%
【Sulfate ion】:30.6 mg/0.64 mbar/33.23 mbar%
【Bicarbonate ion】:61.8 mg/1.01 millival/52.44 mbar%
【Hydrogen sulfide ion】:0.2 mg/0.006 mbar/0.31 mbar%
【Total】:100.5 mg/1.93 millibar/100.00

Non-dissociated component

【Metasilicic acid】:28.2 mg/0.36 mmol
【Metaboric acid】:0.4 mg/0.009 mmol
【Non-dissociated component meter】:28.6 mg/0.37 mmol

Dissolved gas components

【Free hydrogen sulfide】:0.005 mg/0.0001 mg
【Dissolved gas component meter】:0.005 mg/0.0001 mg

Total ingredients


Dissolved substance


Other minor components

【Total mercury】:Undetected(Less than 0.0005mg / kg)
【lead】:Undetected(Less than 0.05mg / kg)
【cadmium】:Undetected(Less than 0.005mg / kg)
【Total arsenic】:0.007mg / kg

Analysis date

November 19, 1991


Nagano Pharmacist Association