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Rental ski

  • ALPHA rental sports
    Ski rental is available at the hotel on the Iwappara Ski Resort
    Since it is a registered store that handles regional common coupons (electronic coupons are accepted), it can be used not only by guests but also by outpatients.

    Guests staying at the hotel will be charged at the time of check-out.

    Hotel Alpha Star Iwappara General guests who are not staying at the hotel can use it at the same rate.In addition, the price has been significantly reduced from this year.Customers who book with ski tour companies also have the same price, so the following price simulations and advance reservations are available.
  • Ski locker rooms and rental locations have changed from this season!

    Until now, the locker room was behind the front desk on the 1st floor, but the "Manga Library" at the back of the 3rd floor has become a ski locker room, and the rental counter has also moved here.

    From the locker room, you can go out to the slopes and slide straight to the "Central Quad Lift Platform".
    The space has become wider and you can comfortably wear skis and change clothes.
  • *Cautions

    ・Rental is on a daily basis.Please understand that even if you use it for half a day, it will be treated as one day.For example, if you use it for 2 days and 1 night from the afternoon of arrival to the morning of your return, the rental is 2 days.

    ・It is available from 8:00 AM before check-in on the day of arrival (usually from 15:00 check-in).You can use the dressing room of the large communal bath as a changing room.

    ・The reception on the day is very crowded, so please provide information such as height, shoe size, skis or snowboards from the advance reservation WEB page so that rentals can be delivered smoothly.

    ・Ski lockers Available from check-in to check-out.Thank you for your cooperation so that the following customers can use it.For the locker key, please ask for the room number at the rental counter when using it.It is a system that you put it in the key box of the counter every time you close the key.If you bring your own key, you will often lose it, so we manage it here.

    ・The locker room doubles as a drying room with 24-hour heating.Please dry your clothes in the room, and be sure to put your boots in a locker to dry.Please refrain from walking with ski boots in this facility.
  • ●If you are staying and make a reservation in advance, please fill in the simulation and user size from the button below and send it.

    The price will be displayed in the simulation, but you will not be charged as it is.Please consider it as a reference.

    The reception on the day will be very crowded and you will have to wait, so please cooperate so that you can prepare in advance.

                            Please proceed from the button below.